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Boat Trip from Portugal to Brazil


Added on Oct 25, 2008

Length: 58:09

Video footage from a boat trip by Family members from Portugal to Brazil. Filmed in November 1981. The following description (including the lengths of each segment) of this video footage is taken from a "Program Rundown" sheet included with the tape: Introduction – "As Waters Cover The Sea" (3:15) Interview with Captain Neres (6:25) First Officer shows us around the bridge (16:20) "Sea Cruise" – interlude (2:00) Interview with 1st Pilot who got saved (6:00) Interview with Ayerton – sailor who got saved Interview with Esau (cook) and others (6:45) Interview with Vonda and Francis (French couple) (2:40) "Love That Knows No Boundaries" – interlude (3:10) Last comments by Ebed (1:00)

Channels: Internal Family Videos  

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Interview with Consuelo (Kay Rambur) 04:07
Interview with Consuelo (Kay Rambur)
by xfamily
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