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Insight: Experts comment on The Family


Added on Oct 24, 2008

Length: 01:05:45

Public relations video produced and distributed by The Family.

Appearances by friends and supporters of The Family including Eileen Barker, Allen R. Brockway, David Casterline, Bart Cox, Rex Davis, Charlotte Hardman, Rick Lannoye, James Lewis, Lawrence Lilliston, Gordon Melton, David Millikan, Christopher Murphy, Ellen D. Oliver, George Roberston, Gary Shepherd, Jack Thompson and Bryan Wilson.

Channels: Publicly distributed Family videos  

Tags: 1994  family  outreach  public  relations  insight  Eileen  Barker  Allen  R.  Brockway  David  Casterline  Bart  Cox  Rex  Davis  Charlotte  Hardman  Rick  Lannoye  James  Lewis  Lawrence  Lilliston  Gordon  Melton  Millikan  Christopher  Murphy  Ellen  D.  Oliver  George  Roberston  Gary  Shepherd  Jack  Thompson  and  Bryan  Wilson